Dec. 1922 - Mary Miles Minter Moves out of Mother's House For Her Own in Hollywood Hills

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A nostalgic look back at the very early days of celebrity entertainment. Here Mary Miles Minter moves out of her mother's house for her own in Hollywood Hills, are they quarelling?

Dec. 29, 1922

Mary Miles Minter, ingenue of the screen, has left her mother's home and taken a house of her own on the slope of the Hollywood hllls. Mary blames her urge for the move to her desire to "have kitchens and bathrooms to play with," and a home of her own In which she can do the "funny little things" she likes to do.

Her mother, Mrs. Charlotte Shelby, and the rest of the family are still llving in a tiny but artistic dwelling in the rear of the mansion lately graced by the motion picture star. Carpenters are converting the erstwhile house of Winter into apartments.

Ensconced in New Home

Reporters found the star at her new house in Hollywood, after the family several times had evaded inquiries as to her whereabouts With statements that she was out of the city "on location" or "doing her Christmas shopping," etc. When Miss Minter appeared she was told: "It has been reported that you and your mother have quarreled; that at the end of your million dollar contract you now find yourself practically penniless, and that because of all this you have left home and are going to live by yourself. Is this true?" Mlss Minter denied the rumors and spent some time exonerating her mother from any blame for her move.

Would Handle Own Affair

Mary says she will be twentyone next April. She enjoys handling her own business affairs and declares she Intends to do so from now on. "I find a home awfully engrossing," she says, and then, too, as she puts It, she is for the first time In her life doing the "funny little things" she likes to do. "It's true wo have quarreled." she explained, "but they were only motherly and daughterly quarrels, such as happen in any family. At the other house everything was in confusion from the carpenters. When I came home from the atudlo and wanted my dinner mother would say. 'Oh. yes, dinner.' I told her I wanted a home of my own. I wanted a kitchen and a bathroom to play with. I wanted a place where I could give parties and plan dinners such as I always Wanted to eat. And so I got me one. "But mother and I are not estranged. My mother abandoned her stage career to help me gain fame on the stage. All I am I owe to her."

"It is said that you are going to. marry Gaston Class," Mary was told. "Yes," was her rejoinder. "That's the second time I've heard that about him. To tell you a aecret, I'm going to marry him when I get rid of my husband and seven children.

"In all seriousness, she then declared she Intended' never to wed. The late "Littlest' Rebel" her first role of national repute is openly rebellious at the thought of maternal apron strings regarding her ideas of kitchen, bedroom and bath. She loves the solitude of her Hollywood hillside and declares, she is going to continue to love it.


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