Historical Review of Lillian Gish in "Way Down East" from 1921

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A nostalgic look back at the very early days of celebrity entertainment. Here we have an historical review of Lillian Gish in "Way Down East" from 1921.

How Did Lillian Gish Baffle Storm in "Way Down East?"

The backbone of February was broken. But the winter of New England was still with us. February is a treacherous month, and so it was toward the end of last February that Lillian Gish was turned out into that New England snowstorm from the house of Squire Bartlett. And the greatest of all stage climaxes hail begun with this frail yet strong heroine of "Way Down East" as she was literally swept out into Night's Highway by God's elements.

That directing, low, commanding voice of Griffith could scarce be heard above the howl of wintry blasts and the blinding snow clogged the air like the veriest London fog. But out and on went Lillian Gish inspired with the staunch soul of Anna Moore within her own.

So great was the upheaval of the elements that signals had to be used between Griffith and his brave little star. That magic word from the lips and voice of D. W. Griflith of C A M E R A S ! ! pierced the howl of the winds and with an uplifted hand through the blinding snows came Lillian Gish staggering in her thin raiment of black. Little Anna waa weak. She was homeless, deserted. In the walk one sees at the Alta theatre daily there is registered in every tissue of that body and face what misery and cruelty can be wrought upon the human being in this world.

She struggles against the wind but the gales swirl her from her feet and she fals only to rise to try to move on to some undiscovered place where there might be surcease of strife from soul and body What you see upon the screen of the cinema art at the Alta theatre of Lillian Gish as Anna Moore was no make-believe suffering. It had to be done and Lillian did it that we might all realize it.

"Way Down East" with a big symphony orchestra is to be shown at the Alta Theatre at Pendleton for three days, starting Tuesday, April 5. Two performances daily will be given at 2:15 and 8:15.


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