Healthy Celebrity Recipes

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to give up on the pleasure of eating a delicious meal. These celebrities share their recipes for healhier eating while keeping your tastebuds happy at the same time.

Picture of Emma Chamberlain eating healthy brussel sprouts meal.

Sydney Cummings Reveals the Meals that Power Her Fitness Training

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A fun, in-depth look at healthy food ideas that the very popular fitness celebrity Sydney Cummings is raving about, beginning with a vegan Mediterranean bowl.

Emma Chamberlain's Complete Brussel Sprouts Meal

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Emma Chamberlain prepares a vegan brussel sprouts meal, but that's not all, she adds a surprise to complete it.

Stephanie Buttermore Literally Has a lot on Her Plate

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Fashion and fitness vlogger and PhD Stephanie Buttermore documents a frenzied full day of healthy eating.

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Michelle Choi Unveils a Full Day of Korean-themed Meals

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Warm comfort food consisting of Korean rice cake soup was first on the agenda during a full day of meal reveals from social media star Michelle Choi.

Blogigates Founder Cassey Ho Shares a Full Day of Eating

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Blogigates Founder Cassey Ho covers all of the nutritional bases in this full day of eating as the fitness entrpreneur prepares for a photoshoot.

Loads of Emma Chamerlain Meals and Snacks Ideas all in One Place

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Let's take a very in-depth look at all of the healthy homemade meal & snacks Emma Chamerlain has shared over the years.

Will You Make Juice & Toya's BLT Sandwich?

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Are you ready to make Juice & Toya's healthy turkey bacon sourdough BLT sandwich? The health, fitness and nutrition stars with with well over over one million subscribers to their YouTube channel show you all of the ingredients you will need to make this healthy sandwich.

Jennifer Garner is no Recipe Rookie

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This might not be everyone's version of healthy eating, but some of actress Jennifer Garner's exotic recipe ideas are very much worth a look.