Celebrity Kettlebell Cardio Workouts, Tips, and Motivation

If you want to be sculpted, chiseled, curvy or just want to improve your overall health and well being, these fitness celebrities of social media might be able to help you get the results you are seeking. Featured here are new kettlebell training tips that you may wish to incorporate into your own fitness routine.

Luka Hocevar
Luka Hocevar shares kettlebell workout tips.
These 25 kettlebell core exercises performed by Luka Hocevar are designed to target the abs.
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Lebe Stark
Lebe Stark 

shares kettlebell workout tips.
Lebe Stark of Germany has a channel dedicated exclusively to getting in shape with kettlebells and here he shows us how to become a fat burning machine in just 20 minutes.

Amy from BodyFit shares kettlebell workout tips.
Amy from BodyFit takes us through a 36-minute kettlebell routine with high intensity, cardio revving with added fat burning as a plus because of the extended duration of the exercise.

Funk Roberts
WWE Superstars shares kettlebell workout tips.
Funk Roberts takes us through a six-minute kettlebell workout designed to elevate fat burning. Keeping the knees bent and not using the free hand to support the body is important while using the kettlebell. With this method the body is in a constant state of muscle tension not only from the reps but from the bent-knee stance that forces muscle groups to contract that results in superior fat burning.

WWE Superstars
WWE Superstars shares kettlebell workout tips.
WWE superstars Sheamus, Becky Lynch, Cesaro, and Seth Rollins have teamed up to display proper kettlebell swings and clearly all four competitors brought their championship form to the workout. Are you ready to do some kettlebell swings yourself?

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Did You Know?

The world record for heaviest kettlebell weight lifted by swing for one hour is just over 71 lbs, by United States Marine Corps Sergeant Major Steven Burkett in Shirlington, VA on November 10, 2018.

The predecessor of modern day kettlebell exercises began in the former Soviet Union, in the early 1960s, where kettlebell lifting competitions were developed. In the 1970s, competitions between athletes of the Soviet Union were held on a regular basis, including competitions within the Armed Forces. Today, kettlebell lifting competitions are held with weights of 35, 53, and 70 lbs.

Overall however, exercising with kettlebells is a more popular form of use than competition. Exercises can include bench presses, squats, bends, and many more variations. Unlike traditional cardio workouts, the idea behind Kettlebell exercises is a swing or a jerk motion of the weight, often performed for a long period of time.

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