Judge Judy's Contact Directory

The Most Complete Judge Judy Contact Information Available

Judge Judy street addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, social media, email addresses. We have complete contact information for Judge Judy's manager, Judge Judy's publicist, Judge Judy's attorney, and more.

Having access to several forms of contact information for a celebrity is a great way to ensure that your important message reaches them. This contact directory is ideal for those who wish to contact Judge Judy:
  • For special appearances
  • To Set up an interview
  • Keep up on current happenings
  • Send fan mail
  • More

If you are serious about contacting Judge Judy, the Judge Judy Contact Directory available exclusively from CelebrityDetective.com is just what you need.

Judge Judy Item Description: Judge Judy's Contact Directory: Complete contact information for Judith Sheindlin. Publicist, attorney, manager, and more.
Price: $3.95 Item: #1521

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